Bunnyhug Games

Role: Gameplay Programmer
Years: 2020—2023
Location: Remote
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Keyart for Moonglow Bay


Moonglow Bay

  • FMOD, worked closely with the composer and SFX artist on dynamic sound and music implementation
  • Implemented boss encounters and gave feedback on encounter designs
  • Implemented special boat interactions
  • Overhaul NPC pathfinding to a more robust system
  • Created tools for the team to improve workflows

Game Prototyping

  • Evaluated voxel/SDF systems and tested possible implementations for a prototype game designs
  • Developed a bespoke voxel system that allowed combining SDF and hand crafted voxel art


Moonglow Bay (2021)

Moonglow Bay is a cozy slice of life fishing RPG with a diverse cast and an emotionally charged story.

Released on the XBox and PC.